Potatoes Dream Meaning

Potatoes in your Dreams

To dream of the potatoes represents complications, obstacles, something not seen at first sight or enjoy, variety, something very well-known that solves everything with a little of work and with some difficulties. The potatoes symbolize to solve a basic necessity and something more than it. If you dream of the potatoes elaborated fried with beacon you will enjoy a splendid and unforgettable breakfast with your couple in the suite of a hotel 5 stars of Las Vegas in 30 days. Dreaming of the potatoes elaborated boiled with almonds, raisins and pieces of red meat is omened an invitation to a tasting of Spanish cuisine the next week.

Generally, like it has been expressed before, this kind of dream is contradictory and positive for the wide profile that has had the potato in the humanity's history. Then, you trust the good pleasure of the life, of the love and the health so you can enjoy without getting sick of the premonition of this dream.

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