Goblin Dream Meaning

Goblin in your Dreams

A goblin in your dream represents extreme and annoying pressures, personal debts that you need to be liquidated or a group of continuous mistakes that you don't allow work well. A goblin symbolizes pressure of the daily life in you and your necessities or too much hardness with you or with a part of you on the part of the banks, creditors and real estate. Dreaming of a goblin that jumps continually on your bed is alerted of strong pressures against you and your company on the part of the creditors the next week. If you dream of a goblin that he sleep inside your office you will get ready for the pressure and blockade of your assets of the bank for your moratorium of payments of the interests.

Occasionally this kind of dream reflects something stable or calm. The goblin expresses to recapture the saving in a total form and without sentimentalities because you could lose everything. This dream is an alert one that you will go bad or worse if it is not ordered severely andmpany.

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