Nirvana Dream Meaning

Nirvana in your Dreams

To dream of the nirvana means the fullness, still and development of the spiritual feelings manifested in a very strong way now. The nirvana symbolizes the interior balance and the peace thanks to the domain of the passions with the development of a prosperous life. If you dream of the nirvana that is made feel when walking for a garden very calm, fresh and with soft breeze it will indicate that you will be able to guide the relatives in the solution of a problem among all. Dreaming of the nirvana that it is the peace that is enjoyed when walking for the heaven is omened satisfaction and pleasure when you will be grateful for the great progress toward the success in your company.

Frequently, this dream is related with the necessity of dominating the ego, the individualism or the material dissatisfaction. It is the premonition of energy and creativity that it should not be wasted in the next days or months.

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