Gondola Dream Meaning

Gondola in your Dreams

To dream you are riding a gondola with someone in love mean that the relationship is like a water unstable. Dreaming of riding in a gondola that is heading to a place for relaxing it is a way of telling you that you need some rest. To dream you are riding a gondola and it is heading to ocean, it means danger. If you dream you were alone in the gondola and you are heading to a secure port it just means you are a resolute person, but if you were alone and you don’t know where to go, it is because you lost your course in life. To dream you are riding a gondola and it is surrounded by sewage, may be some business, operations, decisions that you had made represent a risk for you. When riding that gondola you have lost a paddle that fact is a reminder that something in your life or business or studies is very insecure.

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