Hairspray Dream Meaning

Hairspray in your Dreams

To dream of the hairspray applied in a recently cut hair indicates security in the future steps, firm attitude with the challenges of the life and fidelity front of the social commitments. The hair spray is a symbol of stability and permanent or almost permanent beauty. Hence, the hair spray in a dream employee in the preparations of some newlywed it omens fidelity in social important events like a marriages, baptisms and works to maintain the children or to lift the capital of the family for the future.

Dreaming of the hairspray placed in an appreciable position in a house or in the table of a stylist it omens the arrival of good and long times with the faithful company of friends and family. It is stimulating to appreciate this product omens the positive thing.

However, the presence in a dream of the hair spray in a place not very visible one or with a lot of noise it expresses to stay it signs and sure in the personal resolution of protecting family and work before an unavoidable situation of crisis. In this case the hair spray indicates that you need to conserve your employment and the right of dreaming for better times.

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