Harem Dream Meaning

Harem in your Dreams

To dream of being part of a harem demonstrates a premonition of something that will stimulate your sexual fantasies and impulses loving contents during years for prejudices. A harem symbolizes it liberates of a part, suppression of something or the negation of a very thought desire. If you dream of a harem inside your own house you will be able to press to be able to carry out two or three works a day per affecting the contact with your family. Dreaming of a harem in the house of a friend is omened prosperity and forces in the results that it will reach for you in the next years.

In such a manner, this dream will be able to hold it mentally to your desires or dissatisfactions but accepting the prejudices of your cultural identity. Although in last times to possess a harem was a sign of wealth and power, now you will be clear that you are not a sheik or an emir of the Islamic antiquity.

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