Polygamy Dream Meaning

Polygamy in your Dreams

To dream of the polygamy could be a sign of loss of your interest for the relationship or sentimental commitment current. The polygamy symbolizes failure, error, boredom or monotony in that you maintained as something valuable and important. If you dream of the polygamy during a love affair eventual or casual game you should converse or to analyze with the pillow today in the night to see how go the things with your couple. Dreaming of the polygamy inside a harem is omened discussions by your passivity and lack of interest in the personal matters and of your home.

Of course, the appearance of a love affair with another person in the real life it will put your relationship or commitment on the edge of the sentimental abyss. If you take that affair like a donation of the causality forget the dream about the polygamy since you broke demands, respects or limits.

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