Heimlich Maneuver Dream Meaning

Heimlich Maneuver in your Dreams

To dream of the Heimlich maneuver or abdominal decompression indicates to receive an important help, to unlock a legal problem or to solve a financial conflict soon. The Heimlich maneuver symbolizes to give or to receive help to something or somebody; until Red Cross assumes this way daily. Hence, if you dream of the Heimlich maneuver that you apply in a drowned colleague you will come closer to that person and to give your support to solve the problem or conflict in a combined way; put your hand up to making something. Dreaming of the Heimlich maneuver given by you to an unknown person is omened that you will face somebody defenseless that needed your help in the next days; offers it but with your eyes wide open.

The dream with the Heimlich maneuver denounces help and collaboration, simple or complicated. In this sense, be human, observer and maintain well-known witnesses to your side as antidote to some reclamation or compensation opportunist.

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