Homicide Dream Meaning

Homicide in your Dreams

To dream of a homicide could not represent a big change intentional or premeditated that will affect to a friend. You would be the person able to save or to rectify that change conquering all existent problems. If you dream of a homicide that happens in a remote and dark place you will reach to stop the mistake of your boss with a very punctual and correct colleague. Dreaming of a homicide very planned and bloody seeks advice an effort to stabilize the debts of a very honest relative in a silent and quick way.

As a matter of fact, the dream about a homicide could express your paper and moment of to rectify or to improve something very negative against valuable people. This way, this premonition will give a very special approval or mystic to all project or business that it takes in your hands without almost to carry out efforts and with benefits to all those involved.

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