Hopscotch Dream Meaning

Hopscotch in your Dreams

To dream of playing to the hopscotch demonstrates an almost infantile uneasiness for a new work or an unexpected and pleasant love, as well as the doubt or the indecision in an adult. The hopscotch symbolizes the balance, the health and the love to your traditions and childhood. If you dream of the hopscotch between well-known people in the sidewalk in front of your house you will enjoy a barbecue in your house with colleagues and friends. Dreaming of the hopscotch between unknown people in a park full of trees is omened an election or alternative of purchase of a house for the family to an amazing price.

Sometimes, this type of dream expresses something to the hand but with certain complexity that you should solve with a great security and without hesitations. To think with seriousness is the message of this exemplary and familiar dream.

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