Wine Dream Meaning

Wine in your Dreams

To dream of the wine symbolizes life, cheerful company, party, rejoicing and the miracle that it identifies and it begins the one on the way to somebody that was a stranger. This way, to see in a dream that they are breaking up bottles with the wine of a wedding or of a baptism it indicates the vicinity of a moment of indulgence, passion and desire to your life. If you dream of the wine type red kept in a very old bottle you will enjoy some days of party and happiness with your family in a remote place in the mountains. Dreaming of the wine of type white kept in a glass jar is omened a pleasant surprise when noticing your benefits of the work during this month.

As a matter of fact, this type of dream encourages and stimulates the happiness and until the miracle that it obtains the positive thought, the pure potential or the Universe in everything and with everybody. Forget concerns and difficulties and breathe with pleasure all the air that you want

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