Hula Skirt Dream Meaning

Hula Skirt in your Dreams

To dream of a hula skirt used by a dancer Hawaiian means that in your personality it exist the intuition, the generosity and the sensibility. Dreaming of a hula skirt of brilliant colors is omened the encounter of the key to improve aspects of your social relationships. If you dream of a hula skirt kept in your closet it expresses fidelity to your projects in all moment. A hula skirt of a museum in a dream symbolizes the respect to your ancestors and the wisdom in your opinions.

Now a day, the dream about a hula skirt means apart from this that it is adapted to the social circle that surrounds you and you should move to other places. But if the hula skirt is broken or dirty in the dream it is symbol of a conservative character and that it can pass for antiquated.

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