Victorian Clothing Dream Meaning

Victorian Clothing in your Dreams

To dream of a Victorian clothing represents an aspect of your personality that is obsessed or committed with the past or with a very strict formation. A Victorian clothing means the pursuit of very rigid habits that they are able to conquer or to neutralize negative or unpleasant matters. If you dream of a Victorian clothing for woman made up of comfortable blouse and long and flat skirt you should unload your moral high patterns, your weighed principles and the rigidity of the label or formality in social activities. Dreaming of a Victorian clothing for man where suit, vest and hat are complementary elements it is expressed your will of taking a firm and sure attitude with all important issue and dear person.

From time to time, this dream can denounce excesses or control lack in daily very simple or common matters. Also, it can symbolize the adaptation of having made of your past or that of your parents to take out profitable experiences in the current moments.

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