Icicles Dream Meaning

Icicles in your Dreams

Dreaming of icicles that drip from the branches of a tree is represented a great hope that it will strengthen to your family, to your savings or your goods properties. To see icicles shining in a dream could predict that a problem or conflict of work will become worse in the next days. To dream of icicles very solid in the roof of your house it advises calm and patience to solve a family difficulty during this autumn or winter. If you dreams of icicles that fall of the roof of a garage you will be able to change or to buy a better automobile to satisfy your current necessities.

Generally, this dream denounces positive things while one observes the thaw of the icicles, but it can be just the opposite if they are crystalline and hard. With the result that it can advance changes or conflicts to face in your life but with stability and decision.

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