Intercom Dreams Interpretations and Meanings Explained

Intercom Dreams Interpretations and Meanings

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To dream of an intercom means that you are somebody that is trustable that need time for yours things or that you are an extroverted person. An intercom symbolizes capacity of answer and attention before the creative and fluids dialogues. If you dream of an intercom of modern and tactile type you will have an interesting debate with the president of your company with view to the objectives of work of the incoming semester. Dreaming of an intercom of those used with keys is alerted the vicinity of a teleconference about the managerial results of the last three years.

In any moment, the dream of an intercom will advance you the transmission of a positive and stimulant message to the colleagues for a plea of your president. In this cause, elaborate your ideas and the relationship with the complicated situation of your company at the moment.

Intercom Dreams Interpretations and Meanings

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