Intruder Dream Meaning

Intruder in your Dreams

To dream of an intruder means danger, interference or feelings of shame and remorse for an action made a very dear person by you. Keep in mind that any abnormal idea or negative fact observed in this dream will be a feeling that you will be able to take form in the reality and to damage your interior peace. Dreaming of an intruder that enters in your house without permission it is advice to stay quiet and without giving opinions to strangers on any topic. If you dream of an intruder that goes to rest on your grass you will be able to be called to offer help to a colleague in a work.

Hence, the dream about an intruder symbolizes to pay attention, to be careful and to avoid being egocentric or rejected by others. Of not being requested you for somebody, avoid to bother or to ask to any person a lot, even friends or colleagues.

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