Italy Dream Meaning

Italy in your Dreams

To dream of Italy represents contact with the history, with the politics and the love and with eternal Rome. Italy symbolizes to get together the bad and good, the creation and the destruction, the love and the hate in only one action. If you dream of Italy and the ideas of Machiavelli and of Borgia you should be prepared to an ugly action of a colleague that will put in danger the existence of your company. Dreaming of Italy and the works of Dante and da Vinci it is expressed the possibilities to transform your company in a modern and creative identity in the next years.

Maybe, the dream with Italy and the legacy of families like Medici, Sforza and Gonzaga omens the domain of the market by yours services and products. However, you limit into your matters and don't make the life impossible to the other ones in your desire of absolute power.

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