Bumblebee Dream Meaning

Bumblebee in your Dreams

To dream of a bumblebee posed in the window means foregone annoyances as a family discussion of easy solution. A bumblebee flying in a dream symbolizes the proximity of a work colleague with betrayal intentions. If you dream of a bumblebee in the flowers of your garden you suggest the airy exit of your person of some difficulty in your road. Dreaming of a bumblebee transferring pollen is omened financial difficulties that it will stop immediately with urgent measures.

Finally, the dream about a bumblebee in your hive means serious inconveniences in the labor field because your rivals will be been worth of tricks and tricks to damage your reputation. To dream that it kills a bumblebee it indicates that in spite of the difficulties that can be presented, it will be able to leave winner of the complicated situations.

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