Lemur Dreams Interpretations and Meanings Explained

Lemur Dreams Interpretations and Meanings

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The lemur in a dream represents the deception and the deceit in your personal past. The purple eyes of the lemur and your own body symbolize deceiving intentions, not true of some matters that will happen or secrets taken inside of yourself for many years. If you dream of a lemur that you live in your garden you could hit with unexpected problems very soon. Dreaming of a lemur that rests in the sofa of your home it omens big difficulties for matters that you have not solved inside your family.

In any event, the dream about the lemur playing with you notices of a problem with a friend or member of the family for debts with you as consequence of not having been clear the terms o periods of the payment. Always maintain the calm and it is not allowed to provoke for anything neither for anybody when there are matters without solving.

Lemur Dreams Interpretations and Meanings

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