Jaguar Dream Meaning

Jaguar in your Dreams

To dream of a jaguar demonstrates the premonition of a behavior of astonishing speed, an energy in constant increase and the personal supremacy in ideas and creativity. A jaguar symbolizes feelings or powerful willpower, comfort in the activities and even intelligence to face matters in little time. If you dream of a jaguar resting on the floor of your house you should not made a mistake and wrong to use your physical force in a work or in a domestic task; you think first and later act. Dreaming of a jaguar that moves around your work is omen of a bothersome work situation or family that will face with intelligence and hard hand.

However, the dream about a jaguar almost always points out security and trust in yourself to make a decision or to help a person. It will stimulate you to face or will force to be grown and to be stronger to you without being unpleasant or incorrect in the treatment with other people.

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