Psychokinesis Dream Meaning

Psychokinesis in your Dreams

To dream of the psychokinesis indicates your inclination of to administrate around you and to manipulate people in your area. It symbolizes the fact that you are perceived as a tense person and controller but that without limits in your actions. Dreaming of the psychokinesis when moving some fruits on a table is omened a conflict by your reflection lack when guiding a task to a relative in an incorrect way. If you dream of the psychokinesis when lifting a flower of the floor you will enjoy moments of unit with your couple and family but with many love in the communication.

By the way, this dream alerts not lose the measure in your things or personal actions with friends or family fundamentally. As much in the work as in your home, you should not be neglect your way to express with love something or to guide a task or action.

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