Keepsake Dream Meaning

Keepsake in your Dreams

To dream of a keepsake could be a suggestion to attack an action transformer and liberal that it is linked to the past. A keepsake symbolizes the past, the perseverance and the aware desire of taking with stability the past in your mind. If you dream of the keepsake of a dry flower inside a book you will remember the first steps of your son with love inside of some days when seeing him to play in the team of basketball of your school. Dreaming of the keepsake of a Christmas card of your parents is omened the months of final of year in peace, with prosperity and total health.

At first, the dream about the keepsake take your memory in your mind to stand out the strongest prints as much in the sentimental as in the spiritual things. They are as articles or narrations of your life that this dream recaptures so that they never forget.

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