Keyhole Dream Meaning

Keyhole in your Dreams

In a dream, a keyhole is a new perception of something that you have always seen daily during all your life or something that you discovered without to want or in a secret way. To dream of a keyhole symbolizes to see the things that you ignored, to be imprudent unconsciously or to obtain a new approach of something well-known. If you dream of a keyhole golden you will be able to look at a construction or a park again in your county or parish very dear for you. Dreaming of a keyhole silver is alerted to stay distant of all comment or private approach inside your work.

By the way, the dream about a keyhole has always been linked to the indiscretion or to the pry generally. About it, you learn how to be discreet or private about yourself and maintain an appropriate distance to what you don't belong in that private.

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