Lantern Dream Meaning

Lantern in your Dreams

Dreaming of a lantern is omened that you will have the possibility to make use of your power of convincing so that they grant you a convenient rent or an attractive loan. A lantern on your bed in a dream means the use possible and moderate of being able to and control on other people habitually. If you dream of a lantern with light firm and luminous expressed clarity and security in the way of your life here and now. To dream of a new and silver lantern symbolizes that you will provide security to friends and colleagues when giving an advice.

Repeatedly, the dream about a lantern of little light alerts you of not giving opinions to those that surrounds them, because you could make a mistake or to cause a not wanted change. Also, if the lantern is broken you will take a rest since it could be to the limit of your physical forces or professional possibilities before friends or in the work place.

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