Lettuce Dreams Interpretations and Meanings Explained

Lettuce Dreams Interpretations and Meanings

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To dream of a lettuce indicates freshness, calms down and an experience of identity and euphoria that it will elevate your self-esteem largely. A lettuce symbolizes to be calm, to possess good health, you will enjoy the good state of the time or to be happy or make happy. If you dream of a lettuce that you eat fresh amid a work lunch you should not abuse of your physical good state to carry out extreme or violent sports this year. Dreaming of a lettuce that you eat staleness with a hot dog or a hamburger is omened a personal strong crisis by very important reasons of envy when affecting you relationship with a friend or colleague very near to you.

However, the dream about a lettuce could predict that you will be responsible for the happy change or the quick and effective improvement of a person or a company in some days. Even, it omens exits of crisis, illnesses or of hospitals without leaving sequels or negative symptoms to a person that suffered from a situation or illness.

Lettuce Dreams Interpretations and Meanings

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