Apricots Dream Meaning

Apricots in your Dreams

To dream of apricots represents an occasional and pleasant indulgence, a refined and not very common pleasure that the person wants to satisfy in little time. The apricots symbolize the pleasure for something appreciated or the enjoyment of an occasion or a thing but not constantly. If you dream of the apricots mature in a tree you have to be in charge of to take a rest or to avoid a problem that in fact you don't need. Dreaming of the apricots that are in the table of your dining room is expressed health and near prosperity, besides a relaxed sexuality.

However, this dream could reflect bigger happiness, popularity or attractiveness of you or of some colleague for the way of solving problems or situations. This way, the rejection to the courtesy is something contrary to this type of pleasant and positive dream until towards the own nature, with the wild life and the universal balance.

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