Tootsie Roll Dream Meaning

Tootsie Roll in your Dreams

To dream of the Tootsie roll represents intention of to mask or to cover the human, social or economic reality that you have around daily. The Tootsie roll symbolizes enjoyment of dressing in a way different to that of you sex, to hide the reality or to remain inside the closet for what people will say. If you dream of the Tootsie roll during a television program you will be facing an internal strong conflict that you should resolve definitively. Dreaming of the Tootsie roll during a radio program is omened the enjoyment of your situation inside the space of your friends the next week.

Also, this dream will alert you of difficulties to execute your desires contained for intolerance of the society that surrounds you. Without doubts, you could have some challenges to maintain your emotional state current.

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