Lungs Dream Meaning

Lungs in your Dreams

To dream of lungs means the perspicacity, the ingeniousness, and the stimulus of taking the life the best way possible, full with satisfactions and without limitations. On the other hand, the lungs could symbolize an annoying incident or a premonition of asphyxia due to the provisional coexistence with unpleasant people. If you dream of lungs very clean and oxygenated in a room of surgery you should maintain the habit of avoiding annoying setbacks in your life. Dreaming of lungs damaged by the tuberculosis according to an x-ray is omened an alteration in the accounting of your company.

In fact, this type of dream is linked very strongly to the creativity, to the healthy life or the solid prosperity in the people. In all ways, observe this premonition well to avoid inadequate interpretations.

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