Minstrel Dream Meaning

Minstrel in your Dreams

To dream of a minstrel represents to feel a moment of tranquility, to think on yours plans and projects and to stay linked to your cultural traditions. A minstrel symbolizes the past and the present, protected with all yours forces. If you dream of a minstrel that recites poetries in a family party you will have moments of nostalgia and memory of your childhood and family the next days. Dreaming of a minstrel that sings folkloric songs in an executive meeting of your company is omened evocation moments on yours first works and the colleagues of those times just passed.

In short, this kind of dream is warm and interesting because it reminds your past with critical and constructive vision. This you should make known with love calling to their old colleagues and friends of that times without feeling pain, concern or sadness; just the opposite.

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