Chalkboard Dream Meaning

Chalkboard in your Dreams

To dream of a chalkboard symbolizes a problem that you remember of your childhood or youth, as well as a school achievement of great importance. A chalkboard symbolizes to get the attention with yours qualities or to declare a message that is expressed in the same one. Maybe you have to demonstrate your professional way obligatorily, hence this type of dream. Dreaming of a chalkboard of great size and greenish color points out that you is worthy or capable yourself of managing the matter or situation that it affects to your company or family.

On the other hand, if you dream of a chalkboard very old and dirty you will take your professional category or your experience more seriously in the life before the new adventures that are approached. In the same way, this dream could represent an alert before the results of yours children today, so much in the elementary school as in the high school.

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