Mugging Dream Meaning

Mugging in your Dreams

To dream of a mugging represents the possible loss of something valuable, a shock for something unpleasant or to lose the power, the happiness or the love of your family. A mugging symbolizes the unpleasant thing, it not wanted or that that seemed normal in your life and that it disappeared forever. If you dream of a mugging in a bank in a central place of the city you will lose your credit cards and documents inside a bus of the city. Dreaming of a mugging in the house of a very prosperous friend is alerted to take care of your family for not losing the happiness and the affection inside your home.

Justly, this dream is as your guru of your bank interests and materials indicating or alerting on risks or conflicts. The premonitions of this dream will give you an opportunity or a warning of what will arrive soon or it is already here.

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