Pandora's Box Dream Meaning

Pandora's Box in your Dreams

To dream of the Pandora´s box indicates appearance, simulation and false ingenuousness. The Pandora´s box or Pandora´s amphora symbolizes something dangerous or evil. This one of the dreams that requires bigger observation or detail of its development then could reveal wrongs or disasters incredible or unthinkable. Hence, if you dream of the Pandora´s box elaborated of metal and closed you will face a great challenge or temptation in your company that could take to the total bankruptcy. Dreaming of the Pandora´s box elaborated of wood and open is omened the manifestation of provocations and conflicts surroundings you and in which you will stay far away.

By the way, don't forget that Pandora is a symbol of great beauty and falsehood for that all romance or friendly encounter should be very analyzed by you. You will be able to be very dear but it should protection front of everything.

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