Litter Box Dream Meaning

Litter Box in your Dreams

To dream of a litter box announces small current problems of easy solution. However, if during the dream we clean or we maintain clean the litter box represents your good will of "paying the cost" to feel well without caring you what situation you has for its correct behavior. Dreaming of a litter box you have manifested a negative previous attitude of "putting up with shit" of others in your job because you used to consider that it was better to avoid problems and discussions. This type of dream advances necessity of the individual's militancy to defend the personal own space, without ending up looking from the high thing the negative aspects or the dirty matters of our fellows or to putting up "someone else´s shit".

Also, to dream of a litter box alert on the attention to the health of pets; if you have some domestic animal like a pet you will remember the state of the litter box to specify the symbolic message of their dream; even, if the dream with a litter box is related with a cat and its wastes, it represents it that you maintain a false appreciation of its personal financial situation.

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