Jewelry Box Dream Meaning

Jewelry Box in your Dreams

To dream of jewelry box means the vicinity of values, surprises and forces that will impel your potentialities. Also, this it points out a necessity of you that it will open all your latent potentialities and that it will attract incredible gifts. If you dream of jewelry box inside your room you will receive the support of colleagues and friends in an important investment that will make in your house. Dreaming of jewelry box open on your worktable seeks advice to be careful in the acceptance of a work that you have never carried out and that it can sacrifice your position in the company.

In such a manner, this dream reflects some surprises or accidental matters related with daily or loving matters where the help and the interior force is primordial. This can be shared with the presence of the mystic thing, of the Divine or of the respect to the other one, in occasions.

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