Nunchucks Dream Meaning

Nunchucks in your Dreams

Nunchucks or Nunchakus in a dream symbolize self-defense action, protection to yours personal matters or to be a jealous caretaker of your family. The nunchakus symbolize a great wait to acquire something necessary, to defend of a verbal or physical attack or to remain restless before an uncomfortable action against you. If you dream of the nunchucks or nunchakus placed on your worktable you will receive a judicial citation to fix a commercial conflict with an important client. Dreaming of the nunchakus placed on the sofa of your home it alerts of a family conflict that involves you fundamentally.

In addition, if in the dream you see shining the nunchakus you could acquire the permission of acquisition of a equipment that will renovate the work of your company. This will give more power and quality to your work or it will strengthen your situation like manager at the moment.

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