Nutmeg Dream Meaning

Nutmeg in your Dreams

The nutmeg in a dream denounces good results or big solutions using the intelligence and the personal creativity. To dream of a cook that uses the nutmeg in the work it will indicate that you need to add something urgently to the life. If you dream of the nutmeg whole on a kitchen you will be able to be recognized by many people after fixing something very important in your community. Dreaming of the nutmeg milled on roasted meats is omened the proximity of situations that need the search of a total improvement.

At first, this dream will motivate big ideas or a great excitement but later it will be the application of an adjustment or an arrangement of something or somebody. Alternative, the nutmeg can also symbolize memories or hobbies related with domestic tasks as the elaboration of desserts, embroideries or the cultivation of vegetables.

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