O Letter Dream Meaning

O Letter in your Dreams

The O letter in a dream represents a formal situation and committed for their link with the terms organization, obligation and obedience. The O letter symbolizes the objectivity of the thought and behavior of the human being as well as the healthiest of all obstacles spiritual and physical as which the bishop represents for his authority. If you dream of the O letter written in the trunk of a tree you will have confirmation of the appointment with an important executive to obtain a good work. Dreaming of the O letter that a person takes in a T-shirt in the street is omened the improvement of your organization in the matters of the house and family.

Simultaneously, the dream about the O letter can alert you of disorder and not control in important things of the work or home. In any moment you should be mad or to be discouraged because the premonitions of this dream don't happen quickly; then, you breathe deeply and take a lot of calm.

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