Oath Dream Meaning

Oath in your Dreams

To dream of an oath indicates that you possess the characteristics of a captivating persona, of a talkative and convincing person, unaware to all conflict or disagreement. An oath symbolizes to maintain the things in order, to always sustain the things with the word accompanied by the truth. If you dream of an oath that a person carries out to another in the middle of the street you will forget a promise given to a relative or friend linked with an important help. Dreaming of an oath that you carry out with your couple in a radiant place is omened the obtaining of a very valuable thing for the family like a life insurance or a credit card of some companies very professional.

Thus, the dream about an oath expresses commitment, seriousness and stability in your word before the family, relatives, friends and colleagues. In this sense, you should write down your affairs with all seriousness and without limiting your freedoms when giving priority to some matters of others.

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