Origami Dream Meaning

Origami in your Dreams

To make the origami in a dream represents to build an idea, a desire or only to reproduce to the nature in a simple and cheerful paper. The origami symbolizes an exercise of kindness, the love to the eternal childhood and to maintain the experimentation with the creative energy. If you dream of the origami making a crane of white paper you will enjoy one weekend in front of the sea with your family in loneliness and at peace. Dreaming of the origami making a flower of cherry tree of rosy paper is omened an offer safety maintaining of a style of hard work and professional by all the executives of your company in the next five years.

Justly, this type of dream warns or alerts about the importance of the human creation in particular the handwork and the handmade work. To maintain the personnel specialized in your company will allow adapt all the commercial actions, to assure the success of the business and the security of the quality of your results.

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