Parking Lot Dream Meaning

Parking Lot in your Dreams

The presence of a parking lot in a dream points out the necessity to save, to take care and to enlarge your money in a legal and very creative way. To dream of a parking lot also symbolizes to diminish the speed, to take a little in to use your more valuable things or to relax of your tasks and responsibilities with moderation. Dreaming of a parking lot private, wide and modern is omened difficulty to locate in a company your project of alternative energy or renewable. If you dream of a parking lot public, mistreated and old you could lose your capacity to find a correct answer to the bank for the shopping of your family.

Currently, this dream stimulates or presses the analysis or the discovery of new dexterity or ideas in you as creative person and interested in the success. On the other hand, it could indicate your will manager but with a little financial capacity to obtain important tasks at one time reasonable.

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