Parking Structure Dream Meaning

Parking Structure in your Dreams

A parking structure is a dream where you are in a building where cars are parked. Parking structure are often signs of wealth but can also be representative of moving forward, running away from something, or feeling trapped. You may feel that you are going around in circles and the situation never changes.

One of the more positive dreams is when you are helping someone. If you find yourself having a dream where you help someone find their car or start their car it is a good sign that a favour will be repaid in your waking life.

To be searching for your car in a parking structure in a dream indicates that you may reach your goal or a setback of reaching your goal which depends on the outcome of your search.

If you do not recognize the parking structure in your dream and you find it unfamiliar but you are okay and not frightened then you will want to focus on the car in your dream.

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