Phone Booth Dream Meaning

Phone Booth in your Dreams

To dream of a phone booth represents the state of sentimental and loving relationships, nostalgia and desire of maintaining the privacy with friends and family. The phone booth is an expression of public but limited communication. Hence, if you dream of a phono booth an incorrect or complicated location you will face the momentary rupture of an affective relationship for matters of businesses.

Likewise, if you dream of a phono booth with a good location you will maintain stability and peace in the space of colleagues and friends for long time. Dreaming of a phono booth with very bad communication alert to maintain your interests in private in the important project that you wants to carry out in a prosperous and distant city.

Moreover, to dream of a phono booth points out experiences of wanted privacy or not to want that other people know so much of everything. In short, you want to maintain in your hands steps and actions in your future businesses.

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