Toll Booth Dream Meaning

Toll Booth in your Dreams

To dream of a toll booth represents an obligation before a wanted goal or the personal cost that you will assume before an obstacle to solve. It symbolizes something that you have to respect before going forward for your desires, objectives and ideas. Dreaming of a toll booth you receive the sign of care before that settled down for a desire that you will obtain soon. This type of dream requires remembering details like location, color and illumination of the same one. If the dream shows a toll booth in good state it omens normal and positive obligations before future projects. If it is a deteriorated toll booth and old expressed illegal and negative obligations before you.

Also, to drive without stopping before an established toll booth in the road could reflect the challenge of rules, not to respect to people or institutions or to make remiss attention to the legal established order. The toll booth is a necessary nuisance, hence think well of its goals and challenges when you dreams of one.

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