Pollen Dream Meaning

Pollen in your Dreams

To dream of the pollen means the wealth and wisdom of the Universe, of the nature and of the humanity in their evolutionary fullness. The pollen symbolizes food, life and total fecundity in the face of the death or the fear to live totally. Dreaming of the pollen that a flower leaves in your nose is omened good answers of you to your children and friends before complex situations of the life. If you dream of the pollen left in a table of your house by some sunflowers cut in your garden you will feel the pleasure of to breathe and to walk with happiness for your work every day.

By the way, this dream motivates reflections environmentalist and mystics for the special content and until medical of the pollen in the human health. Hence, don't stop your dream or the desire of breathing the first air of the morning next to a cup of coffee very aromatic.

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