Potato Chips Dream Meaning

Potato Chips in your Dreams

To dream of the potato chips means enjoyment, lost of the personal health and to neglect your physical state for a poor and harmful pleasure. The potato chips symbolize not to be it consents of an error or of a bad habit like the excesses of alcohol and the tobacco. If you dream of the potato chips eating them while you walk for the city you should take care your health and to maintain some practices of exercises like to walk or to jog for your neighborhood. Dreaming of the potato chips eating them while you are sating down in an illuminated park it is alerted of complex situations financiers in your company.

Exactly, this dream is an alert or a warning of staying coherent with your professionalism like manager and seriousness like adult that takes care of a family. Hence, you should not be exceeded in anything to avoid nuisances or concerns to those that are near you.

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