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Puzzle in your Dreams

Although real life puzzles and puzzles are used as entertainment or hobbies, in the dream world it usually represents other more disturbing aspects of your subconscious. Logically this should not be taken into account if you are solving a puzzle so complicated that even when the night comes, you are so obsessed with finishing it that you have a dream with puzzles, pieces to place, or finish your puzzle. But what does it mean to dream of a puzzle or puzzle?, What does the subconscious try to tell you?. Learn to listen to it.

Puzzles, hieroglyphs or games of skill in dreams symbolize the difficulties and unforeseen events that arise in our lives. The complexity of the 'riddles' that appear in dreams will be directly related to the difficulty of the problems that arise. To dream of a puzzle implies the presence of challenges or demands that they will allow you to solve important matters of character familiar or labor. A puzzle means solution of difficulties and full amusement during the daily work. If you dream of a puzzle designed for children you will remedy a difficulty in your work in a very efficient way. Dreaming of a puzzle designed for adults is omened the readiness of your relatives to conclude a work in your house.

To dream that we are solving a very complex puzzle indicates that unforeseen events or obstacles will arise that will force us to make use of all our faculties to find the solution. In case the puzzle is easy to solve, it is a sign that we have the preparation and knowledge necessary to face the challenges that life presents us.Dreams where we fail to put together a puzzle presage success in the crises that arise, while if we do not achieve it is a sign of failures, losses and frustrations that will affect not only our economic stability but also emotional.

If in the dream we are the ones who manufacture the puzzle it is a sign that in our usual behavior there is a tendency to exaggerate the problems and worry more than the account when analyzing the options to solve our inconveniences. Dreaming of puzzles out of the desire for the pieces to fit together. As a detective, you are trying to figure out how you came to this situation. You need to fit all the pieces in your head to have a global vision of why you are trapped and cannot move forward. Do you think you need to reflect on some aspects of your life in order to move forward?, Do you think you are at a crossroads and must make an important decision?

Dreaming of puzzles and puzzles solved. Having a dream in which you solve a complicated puzzle bodes well. You consider that you are physically and mentally prepared to solve your problems individually. In addition other authors you have more developed aspects of your personality such as intuition, mental development to decipher riddles, etc. People who are creative, mentally agile and who like to solve puzzles are more likely to dream of numbers or to have dreams of puzzles, even dreaming of chess.

Dreaming of puzzles without all the pieces. You don't have all the cards on the table. You have the feeling that there is something that escapes your understanding. Perhaps a deception that does not allow you to see clearly what decision you must make? . You feel that you don't have the clarity to make a decision based on your life goals or objectives. Other people often dream of fitting pieces of puzzles together out of a simple desire to make a social or work niche. Fit into certain environments to continue progressing as a person.

Actually, this type of dream stimulates a lot the creativity alerting or denouncing things or situations that they will help you in diverse decisions. Almost always, it is a premonition that is made accompany with a mental risk that it will impel you to face the life.

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