Quicksilver Dream Meaning

Quicksilver in your Dreams

The quicksilver in a dream represents a quick mind, a secret mystery, something maintained in silence by years or the symbology of the sign Gemini. To dream of quicksilver is something complicated that can be varied as the wind but also infinite as the human knowledge. Dreaming of the quicksilver contained in a glass is expressed change and transformation of something that was hidden or ignored by a long time. If you dream of the quicksilver spilled in the floor of your house you will be concerned and attempt to all strange or not very common affair that happens around you during this week.

Often, the dream about the quicksilver is linked to the alchemy, to the astronomy and the elaboration of new incredible and very useful things. This sign to their premonitions a mystic load, something far from the heaven but very near the fire of the earth and of the air of the storms.

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