Ribs Dream Meaning

Ribs in your Dreams

To dream of the ribs (as rib cage) represents security of your actions in the next days and possibility of being very insured you before breathing illnesses. The ribs symbolize protection guarantee or absence of security before accidental of health or a possible industrial accident. If you dream of the ribs saw with the help of rays X you should observe all matter or not very common behavior that happens your are around to assure the fundamental sense of protection before an attack or accident. Dreaming of the ribs saw done with the help of the ultrasound is omened a level of guarantee of very good health by it you don't have to worry about some damage or accident.

Also, this type of dream doesn't only warn of threats but also of the vulnerability to face personal complex situations that require protection. This way, it could reflect an area of your private or public life where there will be a total failure but that you refuse to recognize it.

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