Rum Dream Meaning

Rum in your Dreams

Dreaming of the rum is symbolized with the power of the sex, the loss of the familiar memory and of the responsibilities as individual. The rum means a company for the party or the celebration and a concern before the necessities or the debts of the family. To dream of the rum contained an old bottle of Jamaican origin omens prosperity and happiness with the arrival of a new member of your family. If you dream of the rum bottle up in a Nicaraguan factory you should avoid habits or addictions harmful to the health, including the forgetfulness of to pay your bills or to eat in irregular schedules.

Usually, the dream about the rum is considered an alert for not to take away from your road in the life and to maintain the love and the respect for your family. For their contradictory character, this premonition points out the occurrence of rejoicings or of abandonments.

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