Safari Dream Meaning

Safari in your Dreams

To dream that you are in a safari means necessity to rest, want of to get free of the control and the restrictive rules of your company or to take some different days of rest. A safari symbolizes a yearning, a freedom and an action individual good and calm between with your family. If you dream of a safari in Kenya you will have a great opportunity with the buy for internet of a tourist package for a journey to Spain with all included. Dreaming of a safari in Namibia is omened the decision of your company of inviting you to a trip of incentives next to several colleagues of you this year.

Really, the dream about a safari is wonderful for its load of adrenaline and landscapes, whenever the dream is in colors. If the dream is in white and black it points out just the opposite, even in premonitions like the decision of the directive of your company of reducing the payroll and the wages.

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